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Web Conferencing Solutions with StartMeeting

Companies use web conferencing to bring teams closer together. When you go with StartMeeting, you can web conference with up to 1,000 participants using a computer, tablet or mobile device and deliver a professional presentation over a secure, reliable network.

Host a Web Conference to:

  • Conduct meetings from your computer
  • Provide training for employees or team members
  • Deliver presentations or pitch new ideas
  • Present webinars and sales demonstrations
  • Give announcements whenever you want
Startmeeting on desktop computer

HD Video Delivers the Details

With high-definition video, you have a better connection with your attendees, literally.

HD improves sound and clarity so you can catch details or pick up on social cues. Get high-quality web conferencing tools with StartMeeting wherever, whenever.

Man on computer and mobile using StartMeeting

Break Through Your Networking Limits with StartMeeting for Enterprises.

Whether you need licenses for five hosts or 500, our enterprise package gives you the freedom to support your employees any way you choose.

Employees can host meetings, organize data and delegate tasks all from their office, whether working in Los Angeles, New York, or Tokyo.

Startmeeting's attendee list and dial in numbers

Tools you need. None you don’t.

StartMeeting gives users a handful of powerful tools to manage their web conference.

Recording icon

Meeting Recording and Playback

Pencil icon

Drawing Tools

Screen sharing icon

Screen Sharing

Custom greeting icon

Custom Greeting and Hold Music

ID card icon

Personalized Meeting Walls

Video camera icon

HD Video Conferencing

Online Conferencing When You Need It

Whether using VoIP or mobile, StartMeeting just works.

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Use VoIP to Access your Web Conference

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables calling out or receiving calls using a device connected to the internet instead of a phone line. While many competitors offer VoIP calling to other users in its network, we don’t restrict our users. StartMeeting hosts can have attendees call in to a web conference using any internet connection from anywhere in the world.

launching the start meeting app

Deliver Your Presentation Using a Mobile Device.

More and more people use phones or tablets for all their digital needs, like sending memos, relaying reports and conducting web conferences. With StartMeeting’s dedicated Android and iPhone apps, users have the full functionality they would find on the laptop or desktop. Through our app, users can host meetings, display their video stream using their in-device camera and deliver a successful presentation all from their smartphone or tablet.

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24/7 Support and Perks for Enterprise-level Packages

We’re with you every step of the way. As you integrate our network into your business, we take care of anything and everything StartMeeting, anytime you need us. All StartMeeting users have access to 24/7 support, so if you’re looking for troubleshooting solutions early one morning, we’re always available. With enterprise accounts, you have a dedicated account manager to ensure meetings are always ready to go when you need them to be.

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Go with StartMeeting for your Web Conferencing Solution

Powered by, StartMeeting uses the second largest telecommunications network by call volume in the world. We take advantage of’s position in the global market and pass the powerful tools and drastic savings to enterprise owners like you.

Try us free for 30 days.

See for yourself how StartMeeting is redefining the conferencing industry with a 30-day free trial. No credit card required.