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Want better mobile conferencing? Go with StartMeeting

Rich features like hosting, recording and screen sharing

Our Android and iOS apps are packed with everything you’ll find on the Windows and Mac desktop clients, shrunk down to fit in the palm of your hand.

StartMeeting gives you the tools you need to host presentations, record sessions and share your screen with participants from within the app.

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International Support for over 70 Countries

With our international presence, we bring high-quality audio and video to more and more people around the globe. Whether you’re planning an international meeting with someone from France, Italy or right here from anywhere inside the US, users have access to reliable, secure networks with StartMeeting. Our app is supported in over 70 countries and counting,.

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Never miss a meeting with Saved Credentials

Quickly access your most frequently used numbers using our saved credentials feature. We keep all your important information handy, so you don’t go back through e-mails or text, looking for an access code or dial-in number.

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A little more conversation. A little more action.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t restrict features or limit participants based on what you pay. We keep things simple with our unrestricted flat rate pricing. It’s one of the reasons our network has grown to become the second largest by call volume, hosting over 40 million conferences a year. Try us free for 30 days and give your meetings a productivity boost.

100% privacy guaranteed