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Attention Channel Partners

StartMeeting® has a whole new look! The new dashboard consolidates the most popular HD audio and video conferencing features in one place. Focus on the presentation knowing that you have the most popular commands at your fingertips. Invite and chat with participants, switch presenter, record conferences — plus much more!

Are you frustrated with your conferencing providers and disappointed in the conferencing sales results you have seen to date?

The StartMeeting Difference includes:

  • Access to a proprietary online tracking system that allows our partners to offer discounts off of our published rates, on a client-by-client basis.
  • Multiple integrated audio conference options, including a toll phone number, a toll-free number, and high definition (HD) VoIP options
  • Reservationless audio conferencing for up to 1000 participants (No reservation required!)
  • No hidden administrative fees for your clients

*Long distance charges may be assessed by the participants` phone company.

Agents, Master Agents, & Resellers

StartMeeting provides our channel partners with choices. If you are an established agent, master agent, or reseller, you can select which package to offer your customers, thereby setting your commission at the individual customer level.

The best part is that you have access to all packages, not just one. You have the flexibility to offer your larger customers our most aggressive rates, while offering smaller customers our standard pricing, which is already aggressively priced. Why let your provider lock you into one pricing scenario? With conferencing, one size certainly does not fit all! We welcome you to join us to help your customers, build your business, and increase your revenue.


If you are an affiliate marketing professional, we offer one of the most lucrative compensation packages available today. We empower you to offer a lower rate than a customer could get by contacting us directly, while paying an aggressive residual commission starting with your very first account!

To learn more, click the "Get Started" button below, or call us. We look forward to hearing how we can help you. StartMeeting Share Better!

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