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Features You’ll Love

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High-quality HD video streaming

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Access to your conference attendee list

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Chat with attendees and monitor who’s watching

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Document and file sharing

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Host controls, like muting, screen sharing and drawing tools

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Video and audio recording

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Broadcasting, playback and rehosting

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Call in with VoIP

StartMeeting supports up to five simultaneous video feeds. A primary video feed displays the active speaker, with up to five secondary feeds appearing at a time. What’s more, you can have up to 1,000 viewers per host. No upgrades needed. You have everything you need to get started right from day one.

One Conferencing Solution for Everything and Everyone.

StartMeeting is your one-stop solution for all things video conferencing. With all the tools you need and none you don’t, you’re ready to host professional presentations and demos.

Per Host

$12 .95

per month

1,000 participants

Unlimited Hosts


per month

1,000 participants

Secure Video Calling and Chat Room

Don’t be fooled – StartMeeting makes sure your meeting has only people you’ve invited. No one else.

Whether looking to connect using desktop or mobile, hosts and participants are protected against unwanted visitors.

We take your information confidentiality seriously. Hosts have full control over who joins and listens in on meetings, making sure your conversations are safeguarded no matter what.

Using audio and video conferencing on phone and laptop

Responsive and Versatile

Use StartMeeting tools to deliver professional presentations.

Whether looking to connect with one person or join a session with 500 participants, StartMeeting gives you the flexibility to launch live conferences any way you want.

Using a mobile device, tablet or computer, connect with members of your enterprise no matter where they are.

When guests join, they can send messages in a chat while viewing the broadcast with no interruption. Hosts can view a live feed of guests’ comments and respond to viewers.

Attendee list an dial in numbers for Startmeeting application

Web Viewer and Full Hosting using Chrome

Don’t miss out on features because you’re not home or at the office. Use a Chrome browser anywhere.

If you don’t have access to the desktop or mobile client, there’s no need to worry. You can host video conferences through a web browser. There’s no download necessary.

StartMeeting in Chrome gives you access to all the functions you’d find on the desktop or mobile apps.

Startmeeting application on desktop computer

StartMeeting is the only video conferencing tool you’ll need for your entire enterprise. Period.

Grow your lines of communication, not your bill.

Why choose StartMeeting for your enterprise’s video conferencing solutions? One word. Scale. As your enterprise grows, accommodating your increasing number of hires is essential in keeping your company on the cutting edge and your employees on track to reach their key performance goals. For only $6,000 per month, our enterprise package removes restrictions many competitors place on their communication services and allows for an unlimited number of licenses. No restrictions.

No more buying additional licensing. No more exceeding your budget.

Enterprises also get a dedicated account manager to help with mastering communication tools so you never feel lost when your business is booming.