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Every feature you need, none you don’t. All for one great flat rate.

Experience meetings without limits with our feature-rich conferencing solution. Audio, video, screen sharing and much more with up to 1,000 participants. All for an incredible, transformative price.

Desktop with online meeting features

Key Features

Eliminate Access Codes With One Number

One Number is the coolest thing in conferencing. You get a standard, dedicated 10-digit phone number – no access codes required. When your meeting starts, if you haven’t already dialed in, you’ll get a text to let you know your first participant has arrived. Tap the link in the message and you’re instantly in the conference.

Eliminate the annoyance of access codes and never be late to your own meeting again with One Number, exclusively from StartMeeting.

iPhone displaying one number message

1,000 Participants

Whether you need to connect five members of the marketing department or conference with 850 employees, StartMeeting® does it all with high-quality HD audio and video and screen sharing — for one game-changing price.

With StartMeeting, you can easily connect up to 1,000 participants in a meeting, via either VoIP or dial-in. Plus, with local dial-in for 66 countries (and counting), it's easier than ever for attendees to join and collaborate, no matter where they are.

Attendee list with participants and dial-in numbers

HD Video Conferencing

Pick up on visual cues with live high-definition video collaboration and experience the advantages of face-to-face communication, regardless of location.

Using StartMeeting's cross-platform video conferencing solution, you can broadcast and watch using any device or operating system. Not a fan of downloads? No problem. StartMeeting lets you connect via video right from your Chrome browser. And the active speaker technology makes it seem like everyone is in the same room.

Laptop and iPhone showcasing video conferencing

Screen Sharing & Drawing Tools

Cut down on the confusion with StartMeeting’s screen sharing. Display a window, app or your entire computer screen easily and enjoy more efficient meetings and product demos. The possibilities are endless.

Make your focus everyone's focus with a range of drawing tools built right into the Meeting Dashboard. Highlight, draw and get to the point quicker than ever. The best part? Screen sharing works on any device and no downloads are required for participants. No gimmicks, just simple, effective screen sharing for everyone, from anywhere.

Laptop showcasing screen sharing & drawing tools

We don’t just stop there.

When we say we offer meetings without limits, we mean it. Here are some other features you can enjoy, all for one flat price.

Laptop showcasing screen sharing & drawing tools

Meeting Recording & Playback

Share your meeting with those who couldn’t attend, or go back to make sure you captured that light bulb moment in all its insightful glory. StartMeeting allows you to record the meeting at any time, then once you’re done, we’ll give you options to share it internally or with the public.

Laptop showcasing screen sharing & drawing tools

Customized Meeting Wall

Create a great first impression with a branded personal meeting room. Add your logo, upload a profile picture, adjust colors and more to reflect your organization. With a calendar, dial-in info and meeting resources, managing and sharing your online meetings is easy.

Calendar Plug-ins screen

Calendar Plug-ins

With our integrated calendar solutions, scheduling, inviting and tracking conferences is simple. StartMeeting provides extensions for Google Calendar™ and Outlook®, so you can schedule or join a meeting right from their dashboards.

Customized Greeting & Hold Music screen

Customized Greeting & Hold Music

Take control of your conference calls from the very beginning. You can create your own custom greeting that plays when participants join the meeting and upload a file to play the music they hear while they wait for the meeting to begin.

A little more conversation.
A little more action.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t restrict features or limit participants based on what you pay. We keep things simple with our unrestricted flat rate pricing. It’s one of the reasons our network has grown to become the second largest by call volume, hosting over 40 million conferences a year. Try us free for 30 days and give your meetings a productivity boost.

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