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Enterprise-level Network Solutions

When looking for a telecommunications solution for your company, size and price matter. StartMeeting offers unlimited licenses for $6,000 per month, connecting up to 1,000 participants per host.

Competitors require enterprise members to purchase multiple licenses for each presenter, sometimes inflating the costs of telecommunication services upwards to $100,000 per month! We find that ridiculous.

Since powers our network, we’re able to cut out the middleman and pass the savings onto you while keeping our features robust. You’re saving tens of thousands of dollars per month without sacrificing quality or security, all by switching your enterprise’s conferencing network over to StartMeeting.

Whether scheduling an audio conference with a small group of five or hosting an all-staff meeting for an enterprise of 500, StartMeeting is your one-stop for all enterprise-level network solutions. We offer HD audio and video conferencing, as well as other tools to enhance your experience and tailor meetings to fit your company.

Sign up for your free trial of StartMeeting or contact our Enterprise Sales Department at (844) 800-4000 to book a demo.

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