StartMeeting® Reforms Legacy Telecommunication Services and Offers Robust Collaboration Solutions for Enterprises at $6,000 Per Month

Managing employee connectivity in the age of globalization while minimizing costs is at the top of any growing enterprise’s priority list. Making sure team members have the tools they need to communicate effectively helps businesses operate more efficiently, ultimately helping employees focus on what’s most important, accomplishing collaboration goals and delivering results.

What makes a telecommunication service great? Having feature-rich software, designing an easy-to-adapt UX and keeping expenses at their minimum.

StartMeeting® rolled out its most recent enterprise-level telecommunications package for just $6,000 per month, offering everything a company needs without restrictions to keep their employees connected and collaborating, no matter if they’re working on-site or remote.

Why Choose StartMeeting As Your Enterprise Telecommunication Solution?

For many enterprises, telecommunication costs are exorbitantly high. Many businesses pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to keep their lines of communication between employees open and available. What’s more, while enterprises are actively seeking unified communications (UC) platforms, audio and video conferencing remains a dominant service for linking team members and sharing vital information.

StartMeeting responded to enterprise market demand and developed a catch-all solution to all enterprise-related telecommunication needs, offering their suite of productivity tools at a flat monthly rate.

Our award-winning collaboration tool runs on the network, the world’s second largest network leader by call volume. StartMeeting is backed by one of the global leaders in network providers, with over eight million registered users worldwide connecting 195 countries and more than 40 million conferences annually.

By relying on the infrastructure of one of the global network leaders, StartMeeting can keep enterprise owners from overpaying for telecommunication services while providing its employees with valuable, powerful video and audio collaboration tools.

Enterprise-Level, Award-Winning Telecommunication Software Fit for You

You might wonder, “with such affordable cost, what has StartMeeting restricted or sacrificed to their services.”

The simple answer is, nothing. With the network infrastructure available from, StartMeeting can easily manage high volume audio and video conferencing without skipping out on the tools users like you rely on that are essential to telecommunication software at the enterprise level.

For one flat rate of $6,000 per month, companies can benefit from unlimited audio and video calls for any number of hosts, as well as a robust set of features that include:

  • Secure HD Video Conferencing
  • 10GB Storage Space
  • Screen Sharing and Drawing
  • Meeting Recording
  • Custom Meeting Walls
  • Hold Music & Greetings

In addition, StartMeeting offers dedicated account management and 24/7 access to local customer service teams.

Real-World Applications for StartMeeting Enterprise

With an ever-changing market and technology growing at an exponentially fast rate, getting key information to employees becomes essential to keep your enterprise on the cutting edge.

As part of the enterprise package, team members can capitalize on a host of training, coaching and collaborating tools, such as holding meetings, managing webinars, and delivering training videos.

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StartMeeting is an award-winning telecommunications service provider that includes audio conferencing, screen sharing, video conferencing and more. Learn more and register your company by visiting or contacting StartMeeting enterprise sales at (844) 800-4000.

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By Resty Grey June 17, 2019.