Should You Upgrade Your Business to Include UCaaS?

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Can Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) make a difference in client and team satisfaction for an enterprise business?

UCaaS is more than just a communications platform, it's a combination of the best features from your favorite collaboration software and telephony systems, all cloud-hosted for your convenience.

Here are six reasons why upgrading your business to include UCaaS might be one of the best decisions you make this year.

Benefits of Upgrading to UCaaS

  1. For starters, UCaaS gets you the best of both worlds. When adopting UCaaS, you gain features from telephony and collaboration software that make inter- and intra-company communications stronger and faster.

    For example, a robust unified communications platform will allow employees to communicate with each other, their team leads and clients from one app that’s accessible on multiple devices.

  2. Integrations and plugins that work with your UCaaS and existing collaboration solutions can make work more efficient, reduce the time it takes for your team to switch between apps. UCaaS is ideal for companies with self-sufficient, customer-facing teams because it directly facilitates their need to schedule follow-ups and other client meetings without interrupting their regular work unduly.

  3. The management dashboard and analytics that come with UCaaS can be a valuable addition to companies of any size. Enterprises can find this feature especially valuable to gather reliable feedback from all stakeholders.

    Team leads or department heads can use the management dashboard to implement personalized settings for their teams, then evaluate how effective those customizations are with data from the analytics.

  4. Cloud-based communications come with cost savings. Cloud-hosted solutions are those whose infrastructure exists remotely and are often accessed through an internet connection.

    When your software infrastructure is in the cloud, your company can save on the cost of hardware that would otherwise have been purchased or repaired to facilitate communications.

  5. Since the service is accessible from the internet, you can access the tools you need from anywhere network connection is available. With UCaaS, your dollar can go farther. Your team will have the tools they need to collaborate whether they’re on a laptop or smartphone and whether they’re in or out of the office.

    Features like scheduled call forwarding can be used to route non-emergency, after-hours calls and allow clients to have reliable access to their account manager without disclosing that account manager’s private mobile phone number.

  6. Lastly, UCaaS is easily scalable. Whether your company is adding a contractor or an entire remote office, you can coordinate any communication details with one company and add new accounts for each team member that joins your network.

    With UCaaS, there’s no need to order phones, verify connection points or coordinate technicians to install everything. This advantage is one reason why cloud-hosted solutions appeal so strongly to multinational enterprise businesses who must coordinate and provide equipment and software to thousands of employees across the globe.

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By Cynthia Kazanis February 21, 2020 .