Building Your Brand Starting with Your Conferencing Platform

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Let Your Business Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Customers and Colleagues!

Startups and small businesses can have difficulty gaining loyal customers. Countless companies compete for space in an already saturated market, so how can you make your business stand out from the crowd?


By Resty Grey September 27, 2019.

6 Ways to Use Video Calling to Encourage Student Participation

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Leverage your digital tools and get your students to engage with the course material more frequently inside and outside the classroom

Students that are enthusiastic about learning tend to retain information longer, get better grades and have a more positive outlook on education. But how can teachers increase engagement in a classroom full of students who are reluctant to participate?


By Resty Grey September 6, 2019.

5 Ways to Use StartMeeting to Boost K-12 Learning

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Improve Student Learning with Online Communication Tools like Video Calling, Screen Sharing and Drawing Tools

Tablets, smartphones and computers are integral with today’s younger generation of students. Students of all ages use devices to communicate and learn about the world around us.


By Resty Grey August 30, 2019.

The 5 Online Meeting Tools Every Business Needs

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Most businesses use online meetings to collaborate on projects and push ideas forward. All you need to host a business meeting is audio calling, but there are a host of tools that can boost the user experience and help improve your business’s productivity.

We’ve come up with five essential online meeting tools to help your team get the most out of their conferences.


By Resty Grey August 23, 2019.

Use These 6 Tips to Help You Host Stress-Free Online Meetings

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As a manager, hosting a meeting is crucial to helping your team get things done accurately and on time. When you’re in charge of managing a meeting, there are a few pieces of advice that will surely make it easier for you to keep attendees engaged and bring more value to your meetings.

Here are six tips for hosting stress-free online meetings with any audio and video conferencing platform.


By Resty Grey August 16, 2019.