Building Your Brand Starting with Your Conferencing Platform

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Let Your Business Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Customers and Colleagues!

Startups and small businesses can have difficulty gaining loyal customers. Countless companies compete for space in an already saturated market, so how can you make your business stand out from the crowd?

Start with building your brand on your customized communications platform.

Having the option to brand your communication line and add automated audio messages let guests know fundamental information about your company without overstepping boundaries or being invasive.

Customizing your communications is a friendly way of sharing details about your company, like its mission statement or some of its accomplishments.

Consider these suggestions for your communications platform. Use these tips to effortlessly spread awareness about your brand and establish relationships with reliable business associates and build a loyal customer base.

  1. Customize Your Meeting Wall with Your Brand’s Logo
  2. Add a Unique Greeting That Introduces New Guests to Your Company
  3. Create an Audio Loop for Guests Waiting in your Conference Lobby
  4. Eliminate the Access Codes and Go with One Number

Building Your Brand One Conference at a Time

It can be difficult to get your company or startup into a position that’s competitive with recognizable big brands and enterprises. That’s why it’s important to start building your brand with your underlying infrastructure.

1. Include your logo on your meeting wall

This helps guests easily identify your company when first arriving to your conference. When guests are welcomed with images of your logo and information about the meeting that’s ahead, it associates your logo with the core values of your company and its key selling points. You manipulate your narrative and develop your story about your company.

Sharing your company’s story is a crucial step in establishing your brand and setting your company apart from everyone else.

2. Greet your guests with a prerecorded welcome

Make sure you’re early for every meeting with a prerecording that welcomes guests when they arrive.

Using your welcome greeting, you can introduce your company in a friendly manner and familiarize your guests with characteristics about your business. Tell them about what your company does and how they do it so your guests associate your business with those values each time they arrive to one of your conferences. Not only will this recording help clients recognize your company every time they call, it bolsters your image.

3. Add an audio loop to your conference lobby

An audio loop created for your conference lobby can occupy your guests time before the meeting starts and provide even more information about your company, like what new developments you’ve recently rolled out or how to contact your company through social media or email.

What’s more, the audio loop can also be used to entertain your guest and warm them up to the upcoming meeting. Play relaxing music to calm your crowd or use the time to lay down the ground rules for larger conferences with more than a handful of guests.

4. Use One Number

Access codes are a frustration no colleague or customer wants to deal with. You’re much better off getting rid of the access code from the get-go and settling with one number for your business.

Often, guests can have issues with joining a conference if there’s an access code preventing attendees from joining. Since most people are familiar with traditional 10-digit phone numbers, maintaining that consistency helps attendees join your meetings on time and without issues.

Make sure the phone number you’re giving to customers and colleagues doesn’t include an access code. One Number is an option that come included with each StartMeeting package.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to competing with big-box businesses and disrupting your market!

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By Resty Grey September 27, 2019.