5 Ways Video Conferencing Can Improve Productivity

Video conferencing with a laptop on a desk

With any project, you want to maximize your focus and reduce the time it takes to finish. Getting projects done faster while improving quality comes from improved productivity.

Video calling tools make it easier to collaborate with team members and move your projects forward. With more powerful ways to communicate with your group, you’ll be waiting less often for permissions and finalizing the last touches on your assignments much more frequently.

Here are five ways video conferencing can improve productivity and help your company maintain its momentum.

1. It Helps You Exchange Information Easily

Video conferencing is one of the primary means of transferring data from one person to another over the internet. When compared with messaging and audio communication, video is vastly more robust, adding more of your personality to your conversations when talking with colleagues, friends and family.

Holding a conferencing using a video calling platform makes it much easier to have back-and-forth conversations, share valuable data and communicate with other members on your team.

What’s more, you’ll also get details on the person’s micro-expressions. Having more social cues offers better feedback during your conversations and helps you interact more intimately.

2. It Reduces the Cost of Travel and Gives You More Money to Invest in Productivity Tools

Video conferencing can be downright dirt-cheap when compared to the cost of a plane ticket, car rental and hotel. Not to mention the dining expenses that accrue when visiting a city other than your own.

When your organization uses video conferencing, you save a ton in travel costs. You’ll also make it much easier to get in contact with other members of your team that work remotely or in another office.

The money your company saves on conferencing expenses can be used to fund other ventures within the company, like adding more productivity tools to your repertoire or rebranding your business.

3. Availability 24/7

Video conferencing is available at any time, making it an ideal solution for holding a conferencing with early birds, night owls and international colleagues.

With more people working from home or traveling while they work, video calling is an essential tool for entrepreneurs and businessmen and women. Having your conferencing solution available to you whenever you need it makes it much easier for you to connect with people at any time, living anywhere in the world.

4. Reduced Time Commitment, Conferencing Anywhere

Meetings take time out of your busy schedule. Attendees, whether in the same office or located somewhere else, spend valuable minutes leaving their office to join a physical meeting. Not to mention the time it takes to get back into the flow once disrupted.

Hosting video meetings online makes it easier to get together with team members without the added burden of coordinating when the best available time everyone will be in the office. A video call removes the physical restrictions a small space may have and allows for everyone to join your meeting at the comfort of their desk. With only a pair of headphones, attendees get a front-row seat to your presentations.

5. You Can Regularly Schedule Accountability and Recap Meetings

Arguably one of the most productive activities is to attend meetings with trusted accountability partners.

With a video calling solution, you can schedule an accountability meeting regularly every week to go over any details of your current projects that you want to highlight and make sure get done. Having an accountability meeting encourages you to fulfill the tasks you’ve set forth at the beginning of the week or risk disappointment.

What’s more, recap meetings at the end of the workweek allow you to reevaluate your successes and loses, making adjustments in a timely fashion.

More Ways to Utilize Your Video Conferencing Platform

Video calls can be used to chat with friends and loved ones.

While traveling for work or in between projects, you can reenergize yourself by contacting someone you care about. You can use video conferencing as a platform to chat with someone about things that aren’t related to work.

Video conferencing is especially useful for teams and organizations that rely on collaboration to grow their company. Start your Free Trial of StartMeeting and find out how companies are saving tons in annual costs and boosting productivity.

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By Resty Grey August 2, 2019 .