5 Ways Screen Sharing Can Improve Student Performance

Three students sitting on the stairs using screen sharing

Conferencing technology is quickly making its way into schools and college campuses across the world, but is this a tool that hinders or boosts student productivity?

It goes without saying that educational technology (EdTech) is a tool, not an instructor. However, when used effectively, EdTech like screen sharing can elevate the quality of the class, facilitating student engagement and performance.


By Cynthia Kazanis January 7, 2020.

6 Awesome Educational Software You Probably Didn’t Know About

Scramble blocks spelled TEACH

Technology has taken leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, improving the way students learn and the way teachers perform their lessons. Computer software make it not only easier for students and faculty but more efficient as well, enhancing the learning experience while offering more resources than ever imaginable.

With these latest advancements, many education administrators are looking for ways to implement useful technology into their everyday lessons.


By Cynthia Kazanis October 25, 2019.

How to Use Video Conferencing to Impress Your Clients

Man analyze chart data

Learn to Leverage A Communications Platform to Boost Your Sales

As a freelancer or small business, you have the opportunity to develop better relationships with your clients when compared to larger enterprises. It’s important to set yourself apart so you can incentivize leads to become repeat customers and increase your sales.


By Brandon Klein October 11, 2019.

Building Your Brand Starting with Your Conferencing Platform

Woman and man shaking hands

Let Your Business Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Customers and Colleagues!

Startups and small businesses can have difficulty gaining loyal customers. Countless companies compete for space in an already saturated market, so how can you make your business stand out from the crowd?


By Resty Grey September 27, 2019.