The 5 Online Meeting Tools Every Business Needs

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Most businesses use online meetings to collaborate on projects and push ideas forward. All you need to host a business meeting is audio calling, but there are a host of tools that can boost the user experience and help improve your business’s productivity.

We’ve come up with five essential online meeting tools to help your team get the most out of their conferences.


By Resty Grey August 23, 2019.

Use These 6 Tips to Help You Host Stress-Free Online Meetings

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As a manager, hosting a meeting is crucial to helping your team get things done accurately and on time. When you’re in charge of managing a meeting, there are a few pieces of advice that will surely make it easier for you to keep attendees engaged and bring more value to your meetings.

Here are six tips for hosting stress-free online meetings with any audio and video conferencing platform.


By Resty Grey August 16, 2019.

How Meeting Minutes Can Improve Your Company’s Productivity

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As business professionals, we have countless meetings throughout the week. It can get hard to keep track of all the new initiatives and changes to your projects. Enter meeting minutes.

Meeting minutes give your team a recap of their conferences, seminars and meetings. Attendees can refer to meeting minutes to review actionable tasks and stay productive throughout the week.


By Resty Grey August 9, 2019.

5 Ways Video Conferencing Can Improve Productivity

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With any project, you want to maximize your focus and reduce the time it takes to finish. Getting projects done faster while improving quality comes from improved productivity.

Video calling tools make it easier to collaborate with team members and move your projects forward. With more powerful ways to communicate with your group, you’ll be waiting less often for permissions and finalizing the last touches on your assignments much more frequently.


By Resty Grey August 2, 2019.

7 Reasons Your Organization Needs Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing becomes increasingly more valuable as your team takes on more members. The larger your team grows, the harder it is to coordinate schedules and collaborate on projects.

You can break down boundaries with video conferencing and allow your teams to work together without having to be in the same room. What’s more, with tools like screen sharing, file sharing and breakout rooms, you give your team more options to swap ideas, exchange data and make your organization operate in a highly efficient manner.


By Resty Grey July 29, 2019.

A Handy Guide to Cyber Security and How to Keep Your Data Safe

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In online data security, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure just like with medicine. To ensure you never fall victim, you want to protect sensitive information about you and your company.

That’s where best practices for cyber security and protection become your greatest allies.


By Resty Grey July 19, 2019.

7 Ways Web Conferencing Can Improve Student Success

A student's experience in college affects the rest of their life. When students have success in college, it sling-shots their career and improves their chances of living a happy, fulfilled life.

Web conferencing enhances a student's experience by making it easier to keep up with course material, receive lessons from seasoned experts and get in contact with peers and teachers.


By Resty Grey July 11, 2019.